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L O V E  I S  A  R E L I G I O N  I N  I T S E L F

Those big round eyes, mesmerizing and glimmering with hope. I swear her eyes were the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Her smile was worth a million dollars. The way she spoke, the way she said my name and the way she looked at me. Have you ever got the feeling that you will fall in love in the first sight? Well I did. All I could think about was how slow the time was passing by when I wasn’t with her, but when I was..I couldn’t keep track of it. She knew it was love, I knew it was love. But we both knew that it just couldn’t happen. What would the world say? What would her parents say? How could it happen? They say that love has no boundaries. But ours did. Religion. I am a Hindu and she’s a Muslim. That was our obstacle.
That obstacle shattered many dreams. Broke many promises and separated us apart. And I guess that’s why I’m a hopeless romantic.

  • Tej, 17

Happy New Year!


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As this year comes to an end, we’d like to thank all 139 of you for your constant support, lovely comments and encouragement.

We started of this blog with the idea of giving everyone a platform to say what they have to say without fear & we can proudly agree that we have, till now, received tons of passionately written pieces on a plethora of issues. We will continue on that path & hopefully make you, our readers, proud of the purpose of this website.

For this year, 2016, we have lots of big things planned which we hope will help the purpose of what Tricognito stands for. All three of us, are very tirelessly thinking of new projects to aid the vision of this website & to keep our readers inspired with stories from you & for you.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy new year, may you have a prosperous, happy and joyous 2016!

All our love,

Tricognito Team x

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E D U C A T I O N, R E A L L Y ?


I’m so caught up. It’s like books have consumed my life and marks have become my currency. The joy I felt earlier has been lost & all that seems to matter now is the money I’d be earning when I enter the real world.

Yes, money is not happiness but it is something that can make your life easier & your opportunities wider. Money is important. I’m sat here writing this to you today because my father has the money to provide us with laptops, WiFi and above all, an education. But what education? The whole essence of it is lost with the abandoning & isolating misery of memorization and compulsion.

There is nothing much I can do to change the system but yes, I can change my approach and so, thus forth, I will solely study for the joy of it, come what may. I will study only for excellence and hopefully, success shall follow.


Hello, guys!

We have lately been very busy and caught up with all that is IB, however, we are still very passionate about this blog & are looking for anyone interested in sharing their writing with us. We welcome all forms of art from poetry, prose, diary writing to photography & art. We want to stay true to why we launched this blog & thus, as we await entries, we will still keep posting the ones we already have.

Thanks for the support, guys!

See you very, very soon!


Constant | Twenty Nine

keeping the love alive

So you love her, and you want to make her feel special. You must be thinking that fireworks and a red carpet and some glamorous thing may make her feel special, well I’ll tell you what can make her feel special.
Make breakfast for her, hug her when she wakes up for about a minute. Give her a kiss on her forehead and tell her that you love  her. Help her get ready, help her braid her hair. Listen to her attentively when she talks. Hide chocolates all around the house and let her find them. Cuddle with her, she’ll love you for it. Hug her from behind while she’s doing something in the kitchen, she’ll go crazy but in a good way. Call her like 5 times a day and ask her how’s her day going.
Learn to make her favorite dishes.
Its not about how bad things are or how life is, its about what you do to keep the love alive, making her feel special and always believing in her. I’m still searching for a girl whom I can love like this throughout my life.